Platform Engineer

Platform Engineer


  1. For the operational support and continuous improvement of the application and infrastructure estate, and processes, for Development, Test and Production environments.
  2. Automation, process efficiency and appropriate tooling is utilised to reduce cycle times, and improve reliability, audit and traceability for all system deployments across multiple applications;
  3. Process, best practice, system and application build standards are consistently applied and constantly improved upon;


  1. Setup and configuration of software version release management, cloud provisioning, and monitoring within cloud and hosted environments.
  2. Ensuring that, working with DevOps, the Development Team has the right environment to maximize the development Teams’ efficacy and obstacles are removed and automation introduced where appropriate.
  3. Production environments are protected by governance, good practice/process, design and ‘fit for purpose’ environments, to the left of Pre-Prod, supporting all project and change activity.-
  4. Ensuring project and change release(s) are packaged to the right quality, repeatable between environments without change or modification and deployed to the target environments – ultimately to Production without detriment or issue in agreed timescales.
  5. Weak points in Process, Technology and Service is addressed through a culture of continual improvement.
  6. Software and processes are correctly documented to ensure single points of knowledge do not become a problem and skills are distributed across the team and department.
  7. Ensuring that software Deliverables/Artefacts, as part of any Change/Project, are progressed providing appropriate status reporting and updates as requested by the Line/Project/Change Manager.
  8. Design and implement virtualized and cloud-based architectures, leverage agile development techniques for scripting, and setting up developers so that they can “run what they build”.
  9. The deployment and configuration of applications and systems ensure all releases are documented and packaged appropriately.

Experience & Personal Attributes Required

  1. Build,  monitor and support knowledge in some if not all of Windows Server, Cloud, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft IIS install and management.
  2. Experience as an infrastructure, operations or technical expert operating in the space between development and operations


  1. Demonstrable technical knowledge in Enterprise system Design, Virtualization, Capacity, Resilience, Monitoring, Network and Performance Management.
  2. Previous experience in cloud management, code and test, scaling, automation, source control, deployment and back up.
  3. Experience in tooling, package management, and deployment strategies that support both iterative & continuous development
  4. Experience as an infrastructure, operations or technical expert operating in the space between development and operations
  5. Experience with a setting up, configuring, and managing standards and open source / vendor tools dedicated to setting up a just-in-time and continuously improving operational infrastructure (eg Azure Automation, NuGet, Git, Octopus Deploy, etc)
  6. Resourcefulness in getting over problems and establishing clarity.
  7. Able to define and contribute to Strategic Departmental Objectives.


7-12 years

Notice Period

15-30 days max



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